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PCD Pharma Franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Range – If you are having plans for starting your own pharmaceutical business, then Janus Biotech can help you to live that dream. With little experience and perfect guidance, you can easily start a new pharma PCD franchise for Anti-Inflammatory medicines with a good pace. Janus Biotech is a leading and reputed Anti-inflammatory franchise company which continuously expands its business through its associates in India and maintains the title of India’s topmost Anti-inflammatory pharma franchise company. We will help you in being called the owner of the brand in your area, without actually owning it.

What is the demand of Anti-Inflammatory Medicine Range?

The demand of Anti-Inflammatory medicine range is increasing day by day. Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are helpful in menstrual pains, bone and joint pains, toothache and other type of pains. It also helps in healing injured tissues, clearing dead and narcotic cells in our body. As the lifestyle is changing, the pain and injury disorders are now increasing rapidly. Due to the rise of medical conditions such as Asthma, WHO has also ensured that the anti-inflammatory medicine range will be demanding in the new future. With a high demand of anti-inflammatory medicine range, PCD Franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Drugs can earn you heavy profile and be very much beneficial to you.

Top Company in Pharma Franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Medicines- Janus Biotech

Janus Biotech is one of the top Pharma Company for Anti-Inflammatory Medicine, which has gained the desired position in the pharmaceutical market. All the Anti-inflammatory medicine range of Janus Biotech are formulated and manufactured under the guidance of our experts. The team at Janus Biotech are not only talented but also have the required experience for delivering world class Anti-Inflammatory medicine range to various distributors or Pharma Franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Medicines. Here are few reasons why Janus Biotech is a top brand name in the provider of Pharma PCD Franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Range and why should you choose us-

  • All the drug formulations are manufactured in GMP and WHO certified units.
  • Janus Biotech provides monopoly rights to the owners of Pharma PCD Franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Medicines.
  • We are very much well known for our marketing as well as promotional support provided free of cost.
  • We reward our associates on meeting or achieving monthly and annual sales target with good incentives.
  • Janus Biotech excels in time delivery of the Anti-inflammatory medicine range to its associates.
  • Janus Biotech uses advanced packaging methods and materials for reserving the effectiveness of the Anti-inflammatory medicine range during delivery and storage process.
  • We provide medical and market updates on regular basis to our associates to keep them educated and updated all the time regarding medicine franchise for anti-inflammatory medicines in India and its market scenario.

Janus Biotech’s Best Infrastructure

Janus Biotech is having a vast best of art quality infrastructure at premises, which has been built for the manufacturing of Anti-inflammatory medicine range with the utmost care. With the advancement in time, we have advanced in our drugs quality and machines. With the help of advanced machines and devices, our specialized teams manufacture the medicines and pack them in a hygienic way. We, at Janus Biotech, have never compromised with the quality of the medicines and packaging materials. With the required certification and licenses such as ISO certification and GMP approval, we are legally all time ready to provide a Monopoly Pharma PCD Franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Medicines in any part of India.

Product Range Available at Janus Biotech

Janus Biotech, the top Anti-inflammatory pharma franchise company manufactures a wide range of Anti-inflammatory medicine range covering several categories. With the use of quality raw materials and innovative formulation, our drugs are manufactured in a way so that they can be put in an affordable price tag for the consumers. Janus Biotech offers various Anti-inflammatory medicine range for opening pharma franchise for Anti-Inflammatory Medicines in India –

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Injectable
  • Dry Syrups
  • Ointments
  • And Much More

Janus Biotech is a leading name for anyone who is searching for opening a franchise business for anti-inflammatory medicines in India. We are always ready to help you in setting up your own pharma franchise for anti-inflammatory range. Contact us using the contact information below for any queries.

Contact Information: 

Name: Janus Biotech

Address:  Plot No-83 First floor, Raipur Kalan, Chandigarh-160102

Phone Number: +91-7877000013, +91-9828506600

Email id:

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